With four consecutive days of coverage related to Eventing, photographers gathered research on riders and horses in the media center before heading out on their daily shoot. Media center staff were abundant and knowledgeable, which was helpful to those not covering this discipline on a regular basis. Dressage and Stadium Jumping were the first and third phases, taking place in the outdoor stadium. Photographers had plenty of access to shoot from ground level and higher up in the stands. Cross Country was the second phase with a spectacular selection of jumps and combinations. Here are some pics showing the beauty, skills, and spills and thrills of Eventing.

Individual Gold Winner Michael Jung of Germany takes a victory lap


Team Gold Winners Great Britain parade


German Ingrid Klimke in the dressage ring


Closeup of Colombo, ridden by Selena O’Hanlon of Canada 


Groom and horse walking back to barns after dressage. 


Marco Biasia on Gandalf the Grey takes on the Rolex jump


One of the youngest competitors at 21, Camilla Speirs, and her mount Portersize Just a Jif, fall down at the 5th jump, the Salato Wildlife. Both rider and horse were fine, although falling is automatic elimination. They walked back to the barn together.

Mary King on Imperial Cavalier for Great Britain takes the Churchill Downs jump during the stadium jumping portion of Eventing.