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Beanie--A Public Servant

Ignore adversity. If it were possible for a horse to have a motivational motto, this might be Beanie's choice.... Read More

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Hoof Care--Addressing the Individual

We have greatly altered the lifestyle of our domesticated horses. These changes have had some negative impacts on the horse, one example of which is the health and quality of the hoof.... Read More

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Becoming 'Equitarians'

An equitarian is one whose only reward for providing medical or humane services to needy horses is the satisfaction of a job well done.... Read More

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Cloning: What We've Learned

A veterinarian reflects on what we have learned and what concerns we have after several ears of equine cloning. ... Read More

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Veterinary Ethics

Owners, trainers, and veterinarians are responsible for the health and welfare of the horse. Performance horses need to be treated like any other athletes. This often entails medical treatment by veterinarians, which allows horses to compete in a comfortable manner. ... Read More

America's Horses Face Crisis

For those of us in the horse rescue field, today's troubled economy has produced serious issues of horse welfare. Increasing numbers of horses are facing homelessness and possible abandonment. Although it is gratifying to see more effort being made by professional institutions and organizations to assist in these crises, it is clear that all horse lovers must become horse advocates.... Read More

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The Lucky Ones

I will be the first to admit that, as a horse person living in the Bluegrass, I'm a bit spoiled. Evening drives to the barn take me past Thoroughbred breeding farm after another. I get to admire herds of broodmares as they grow increasingly round, and delight in fields full of leggy foals and rowdy weanlings. I can't help but wonder however, where all these horses end up.... Read More

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The Whole Horse

These days, as a veterinarian, it is not unusual to walk into a barn and set up more than $100,000 in equipment to do a routine exam. We have digital radiography, computerized radiography, ultrasound, and even lameness locators. Veterinarians have become very adept at using equipment to make an exact diagnosis.... Read More

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Whose Credit, Whose Blame?

Ah, PETA. With their plastic shoes and video cameras, they are the people we love to hate. Gotta problem? Blame PETA. However, as long as members of the horse industry delude themselves into thinking that the slaughterhouses were closed by the animal rights movement, they will never understand why the plants closed.... Read More

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New Frontiers

Regenerative medicine by definition is the path to help the body heal itself. Stems cells, for instance, have the capacity to become virtually any type of cell, and platelets appear to play an important role in healing.... Read More

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