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Horses and Ducks

The image of the horse that the industry has created, advanced, and is now dependent upon, is of friend, athlete, teacher. Not dinner.... Read More

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Knowing When It's Time

Some times you know it's time, but other times it's not so clear-cut. When do you try to stay on course and when do you opt for euthanasia?... Read More

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Navigating a Diagnosis

When a horse shows signs of illness or lameness, the cause is not always clear-cut. One reader discovered the power of working closely with a good vet, research, and preservation.... Read More

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Heeding Quarantine

Quarantine is one of the oldest infectious disease control measures, but one of the major problems with quarantine is poor compliance.... Read More

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Disaster Preparation Reflections

The time available to evacuate horses in an emergency is limited. Having a plan ready may make the difference between survival and disaster. ... Read More

Regenerative Therapies for Horses

A researcher provides her perspective on the current status of the use of regenerative medicine to treat tendon and ligament injuries in horses. ... Read More

Ideally Speaking--Owning a Horse

Knowing more about your horses can help make your veterinarian's job a little easier.... Read More

FEI Veterinary Protocols

The Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), as the world governing body of equestrian sport, provides the framework for all FEI events, and central to this framework is horse welfare. ... Read More

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Spring Fevers

For horse owners preparing for spring competitions or the birth of foals, a review of respiratory diseases is timely and they need to recognize early signs of respiratory infections to minimize the spread to other horses and to initiate prompt veterinary treatment.... Read More

Seeking An Expert

Although done with good intentions, the exchange of advice from a veterinarian who has never seen the patient directly to the client is in violation of the laws governing the practice of veterinary medicine.... Read More

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