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Therapeutic Medication: Putting the Horse First

The use of therapeutic medications in performance horses, including racehorses, is a complex issue.... Read More

Weathering Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

Every major natural disaster can offer relevant lessons for horse and pet owners to prepare for the next one, such as Hurricane Sandy.... Read More

The Value of a Diagnosis

Horse owners try to manage problems themselves, thus delaying a call to a veterinarian to avoid emergency visit costs, and horses sometimes suffer as a result.... Read More

The Wild Horse Dilemma

Fertility control has stabilized Assateague Island National Seashore wild horse populations, while the real problem of overpopulation still plagues wild horses on BLM property.... Read More

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Monitoring Hay Trends

Hay supplies are predicted to be low this winter, so plan now to stockpile and stretch out your hay supply.... Read More

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Horses and Ducks

The image of the horse that the industry has created, advanced, and is now dependent upon, is of friend, athlete, teacher. Not dinner.... Read More

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Knowing When It's Time

Some times you know it's time, but other times it's not so clear-cut. When do you try to stay on course and when do you opt for euthanasia?... Read More

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Navigating a Diagnosis

When a horse shows signs of illness or lameness, the cause is not always clear-cut. One reader discovered the power of working closely with a good vet, research, and preservation.... Read More

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Heeding Quarantine

Quarantine is one of the oldest infectious disease control measures, but one of the major problems with quarantine is poor compliance.... Read More

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Disaster Preparation Reflections

The time available to evacuate horses in an emergency is limited. Having a plan ready may make the difference between survival and disaster. ... Read More

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