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Animal Survivor Q

The ACVIM named Q, a Rocky Mountain Saddle Horse gelding, one of their Animal Survivors after he successfully overcame a severe bacterial disease. ... Read More

Overseeing Supplements

Navigating the world of supplements can seem like exploring uncharted territory. Fortunately, there is an organization dedicated to protecting the integrity of the products we give to our equine friends.... Read More

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The Fruits of Adoption

Like other reputable equine rescues around the country, the ­KyEHC takes in horses and then adopts them out to new homes.... Read More

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Florida EHV-1 Outbreak Recap

The equine herpesvirus outbreak in Florida serves as an excellent reminder of the importance of good biosecurity practices on the road and on the farm.... Read More

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Castration as a Solution?

Estimates suggest that 100,000 horses become "unwanted" each year, leading to saturated and financially strained equine rescue and retirement facilities. Who's to blame?... Read More

Normal vs. Healthy Hooves

Observing the strong and durable features of healthy hoof capsules helps us better understand there is not a single standard image for all feet.... Read More

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Aiding Faraway Equids

A veterinarian recalls her rewarding experience helping working equids in the Dominican Republic.... Read More

Full Circle Ownership

Some of the tens of thousands of horses tagged with the label "unwanted" aren't truly unwanted; their people just don't realize when they need help.... Read More

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Under the Blue Tarps

An equine practitioner struggles with weighing her patients' needs with her clients' resources.... Read More

How Much Has Changed?

Despite technological advances, nothing can replace the value of a basic veterinary exam or a practitioner's skill.... Read More

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