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The Whole Horse

These days, as a veterinarian, it is not unusual to walk into a barn and set up more than $100,000 in equipment to do a routine exam. We have digital radiography, computerized radiography, ultrasound, and even lameness locators. Veterinarians have become very adept at using equipment to make an exact diagnosis.... Read More

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Whose Credit, Whose Blame?

Ah, PETA. With their plastic shoes and video cameras, they are the people we love to hate. Gotta problem? Blame PETA. However, as long as members of the horse industry delude themselves into thinking that the slaughterhouses were closed by the animal rights movement, they will never understand why the plants closed.... Read More

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New Frontiers

Regenerative medicine by definition is the path to help the body heal itself. Stems cells, for instance, have the capacity to become virtually any type of cell, and platelets appear to play an important role in healing.... Read More

Grass-Roots Parasite Control

Drug-resistant parasite emergence is related primarily to anthelmintic overuse and the lack of "evidence-based" deworming strategies.... Read More

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