Inside the AAEP Convention

For the Welfare of the Horse

The AAEP Foundation Celebration generates more money to continue research projects on behalf of the horse.... Read More


Severe weather made getting to the AAEP convention tricky for some attendees and exhibitors.... Read More

Cowboy Hats and Mustaches

Taking note of the many different cowboy hats and mustaches in a crowd has been a fun exercise for me.... Read More

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Buck Brannaman's Place of Calm

Here are highlights from Buck Brannaman's standing-room-only keynote lecture at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention.... Read More

The Maze

Maneuvering the resort is a new task for equine veterinarians. Get on your running shoes and keep up with the educational sessions that are in many different rooms and different levels of the convention center.... Read More

Time to Ride

Time to Ride is an organization geared to connecting non-horse-owning families with horses.... Read More

New and Old Friends

The AAEP Convention is a time to learn and a time to socialize. A lot of new ideas have come out of casual conversation and the "after hours" socializing is the time equine veterinarians will make new contacts and hear new ideas as well.... Read More

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In Anticipation of AAEP

Dr. Nancy Loving is gearing up for her trip to the American Association of Equine Practitioners' Convention in Nashville.... Read More

AAEP 2012 -- Looking Ahead

Reflecting on the 2012 AAEP convention, changes on the horizon in equine veterinary medicine could be in the areas of genomics, medications, dentistry, communications, and teamwork among vets and farriers.... Read More

Home again, home again...

Now that she's had some time to reflect, here are Christy's top take-homes from five-day AAEP Convention.... Read More

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Each year thousands of veterinarians, researchers, and industry professionals gather at the annual American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention to discuss the newest advances in equine veterinary medicine and horse care. Follow along as the staff and writers of The Horse keep you updated on AAEP convention news as it happens.