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AAEP 2012 -- Looking Ahead

Reflecting on the 2012 AAEP convention, changes on the horizon in equine veterinary medicine could be in the areas of genomics, medications, dentistry, communications, and teamwork among vets and farriers.... Read More

Home again, home again...

Now that she's had some time to reflect, here are Christy's top take-homes from five-day AAEP Convention.... Read More

Internal Medicine Wrapup

As veterinarians, clinging to what we think we know or the way we've always done something limits us and, in the case of medical practitioners, might damage (or at least not optimally benefit) our patients. ... Read More

Getting Social: Thoughts on Social Media in Equine Medicine

One of the biggest shifts in my AAEP experience over the years has been using social media to connect. ... Read More

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A Gutsy Look at the Equine GI Tract

The GI tract can seem like a giant black box where any number of things can go suddenly and mysteriously wrong. ... Read More

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Equine Dental Extractions: Like Pulling Teeth?

For vets with patience, skill, training, and luck with inanimate objects, equine dentistry can be rewarding, but it does carry some risks. ... Read More

Managing Field Emergencies--Back to Basics

Critical care speakers stressed keeping calm, communicating with the client, and remembering to take a thorough history.... Read More

It Isn't Just 'Tying Up' Any more

Tying up has had many names--from azoturia to Monday morning sickness, but despite the disease being well-recognized for hundreds of years, the causes of the equine muscle disorder have been elusive.... Read More

The Dark Side--Soring

I understand that most equestrian disciplines contain a certain degree of slippery-slope-ness. But there are some practices in certain performance horse circles that I just don’t get.... Read More

Day 2 -- Ethics and Horses

The prevailing theme of yesterday afternoon's AAEP sessions was the impact of human choices on the health and welfare of the horse. ... Read More

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