London 2012 Olympics: Equestrian Coverage

The Care and Feeding of an Olympic Horse: Flexible

When it comes to the training and stable management of his 2012 U.S. Olympic jumping partner, Flexible, rider Rich Fellers keeps it simple.... Read More

The Care and Feeding of an Olympic Horse: Paragon

2012 US Olympic dressage alternate Heather Blitz explains the training, feed, and management regimen of her horse, Paragon.... Read More

The Role of an Olympic Veterinarian

Dr. Kent Allen, FEI foreign veterinary delegate for the 2012 London Olympics, explains the varied veterinary roles at the Games.... Read More

Our Olympic Angle

Why should I care about the care and feeding of the "1 percent" of the horse world competing at the London Olympics?... Read More

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Three of My Favorite Things

Jennifer O. Bryant returns to share her experiences at the 2012 London Olympic Games for Read More

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Jennifer Bryant is on the scene for to bring you the latest Equestrian Olympics news before and during the London Games. Follow her coverage of eventing, dressage, and jumping as horses and riders vie for a spot on the team and, ultimately, the Olympic podium.