Today I'm going to spare the prose and let the photos do the talking. Here is a collection of images taken during my first 24 hours at Greenwich Park, the 2012 London Olympic Games equestrian venue. Enjoy!

The Olympic equestrian stadium at Greenwich Park. Photo by Jennifer Bryant.

 Nonslip horse-crossing area. This event horse is returning to the stable area after a workout. Photo by Jennifer Bryant.

A shady hacking lane runs along the road through Greenwich Park, adjacent to the stable area. Riders walked and trotted up the hill. Photo by Jennifer Bryant. 

Longeing ring. Everything--barns, arenas, stadium--is elevated on platforms to protect the historic Greenwich Park turf and archeological treasures within. 

Manure disposal, London Olympics-style. Photo by Jennifer Bryant. 

 Even the ringside poop scoopers are in the official London Olympics purple color, which graces banners, flags, signs, volunteers' polo shirts, and more. Photo by Jennifer Bryant.

Show-jumping decorations with a British flair wait for their moment in competition. Photo by Jennifer Bryant. 

Tomorrow, the first eventing horse inspection commences at 11:00 a.m. London time. Then I'll be going on an afternoon cross-country course walk. Stay tuned for news and more photos!